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12/23/13 Gratitude Journal


Grateful for time with daughters and their kids today.  Saw the movie Frozen  and was grateful about what didn’t happen.  Kids made yummy treats and a vegetarian potpie for me.  Between retirement and the upcoming anniversary of losing mom, I am quick to tears, but it is all good and I am looking forward to Christmas with part of the family and the adventures of post retirement life.

12/11/13 Gratitude Journal

Grateful for beautiful sunset at SDSU. Bittersweet thoughts about retirement.


12/7/12 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful for a rainy day and time for a long talk over coffee with an old friend.  I am grateful I live in a place where I wake up to see beautiful green trees out my window.  I am grateful for my wonderful family.

2013 12 dale family

9/25/13 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful that Sachico liked my Tassajara piece enough to run it again!

I had also put it on my poetry/prose blog at:

I am grateful for a neighbor who does healing touch when I am sick.  I am grateful for extra sleep today.





9/21/13 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful for a day of getting up late, doing yoga and meditation, talking to my son in Kansas, having dinner and gathering provisions at People’s Co-op, and checking in with my ModPo group on Coursera and my friends on Facebook.  Time to sleep.

9/20/13 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful that it just seemed like a lot of blood and that a crack on the scalp can be glued together without the need for stitches or staples.  (I am grateful I was just a little shook up.)  I am grateful for Desiree who took me to Sharp Grossmont and for Melody who got me back to my car.  I am grateful for the speedy efficient team that got me in and out of ER quickly.  I am grateful for the opportunity to sit back at home and watch the Wavy Gravy documentary, Saint Misbehaving. I am grateful for the leftovers in the fridge and for email, facebook, and Modpo (Coursera poetry class)  time to express my indignation at all those who would cut food stamps for the poor while they eat their $200 dinners and at those who would shut down our government to deprive people of their right to health.  Ok–Bumps on heads can make me even more of a curmudgeon.   I am grateful for understanding readers.

9/19/13 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful for an exciting/goofy community of MOOC folks as we explore poetry.  I am also grateful for my Star Trek class and dinner with a good friend.  Life is good, but somehow I need more hours.