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2017-07-09 July 9 Gratitude Journal



I am grateful for a fun-filled visit with my daughter from Colorado.  I am grateful for a bit of moisture and beautiful sunset.  I am grateful my writing buddy will be here so I can get back into the writing groove tomorrow. 


20017-7-5 July 5 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for time with my daughter starting tomorrow.  I am grateful for friends who join me for walks with Tashi on Fiesta Island.  I am grateful for a glass of red wine on the deck just before sunset.  I am grateful I was able to make the acquaintance of these woodpeckers at Tassajara.

2017-07-03 July 3 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for a week off the grid in the company of talented poets at Tassajara.  I am also grateful for the InsightSD Social  and Climate Justice group and our discussion on Active Hope.

3-14-15 Gratitude Journal (Pi Day)

Although I loved the dry heat at almost 100 degrees today, I am thankful we had rain recently and grateful for a cool place for Tashi to sprawl.  I am grateful for finding a good home for some of my late husband’s jazz albums and for friends coming in tonight from Wichita.  What a beautiful day!

Tashi is tired after the heat of the day

Tashi is tired after the heat of the day


Tashi cooling her belly

Tashi cooling her belly


3-13-15 Gratitude Journal

Artichoke plant

Artichoke plant

I am grateful for waking up to golden sunshine, taking Tashi outside to my backyard meadow, walking my labyrinth, singing the Zuni call to the sun because I felt like it, doing a little Qi Gong, a little gardening, a little cooking.  I love hot weather and today it was 91 degrees out.  I am grateful for my little spot of heaven.

3-11-15 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for a day of meditating, gardening, enjoying Tashi’s company,

and playing with my food!


3/9/15 I am grateful for…

Awakening to sunshine and birdsong. Meditating by the window next to the deck so I am joined by hummingbirds, goldfinches, song sparrows and others.  My wonderful warm puppy, Tashi.  Good organic food.  The energy to make a big raised vegetable bed.  Friends on the Insight Meditation app who meditate and write haiku with me.