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2017-10-16 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for my companion, Tashi.  She takes me to Fiesta Island to be sure I get my exercise.  I am also grateful I decided to participate in #OctPoWriMo so I am “forced” to write a daily poem on my other blog,


2017-08-13 Gratitude Journal

I haven’t posted for awhile, and I am gratful everyday, but today I am particularly grateful that a student I taught in 6th grade in 1973 tracked me down and said, 

” I think of all of my teachers you played the most important part in how to live and be who you are regardless of what the norm is. Be friendly and respectful to others, treat them how you want to be treated and accept them with their differences.” 

Please, if a teacher made a difference in your life use the wonderful resource of the Internet, to let them know while you still can.   –Feeling happy and grateful. 

2017-07-09 July 9 Gratitude Journal



I am grateful for a fun-filled visit with my daughter from Colorado.  I am grateful for a bit of moisture and beautiful sunset.  I am grateful my writing buddy will be here so I can get back into the writing groove tomorrow. 

20017-7-5 July 5 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for time with my daughter starting tomorrow.  I am grateful for friends who join me for walks with Tashi on Fiesta Island.  I am grateful for a glass of red wine on the deck just before sunset.  I am grateful I was able to make the acquaintance of these woodpeckers at Tassajara.

2017-07-03 July 3 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for a week off the grid in the company of talented poets at Tassajara.  I am also grateful for the InsightSD Social  and Climate Justice group and our discussion on Active Hope.

3-14-15 Gratitude Journal (Pi Day)

Although I loved the dry heat at almost 100 degrees today, I am thankful we had rain recently and grateful for a cool place for Tashi to sprawl.  I am grateful for finding a good home for some of my late husband’s jazz albums and for friends coming in tonight from Wichita.  What a beautiful day!

Tashi is tired after the heat of the day

Tashi is tired after the heat of the day


Tashi cooling her belly

Tashi cooling her belly


3-13-15 Gratitude Journal

Artichoke plant

Artichoke plant

I am grateful for waking up to golden sunshine, taking Tashi outside to my backyard meadow, walking my labyrinth, singing the Zuni call to the sun because I felt like it, doing a little Qi Gong, a little gardening, a little cooking.  I love hot weather and today it was 91 degrees out.  I am grateful for my little spot of heaven.