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I am thankful for family, human and canine.


2017-11-09 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful for my companion, Tashi, even when at almost 4 years her destructive puppy resurfaces.

2017-12-07 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for a dinner of roasted vegetables with good friends and Tashi sleeping by the fireplace.

2017-11-04 Gratitude Journal

I am grateful for time with my son and his family at the Water Conservation Garden.  The kids loved petting the chickens and bunnies and goat and guinea pigs.  It was well supervised and the animals were rotated.

2017-11-03 Gratitude Journal

img_8928I am grateful for a quiet day of gardening and writing. I am healing quickly from my fall. Took Tashi for a quick walk to the mailbox.

2017-10-16 Gratitude Journal


I am grateful for my companion, Tashi.  She takes me to Fiesta Island to be sure I get my exercise.  I am also grateful I decided to participate in #OctPoWriMo so I am “forced” to write a daily poem on my other blog,

2017-08-13 Gratitude Journal

I haven’t posted for awhile, and I am gratful everyday, but today I am particularly grateful that a student I taught in 6th grade in 1973 tracked me down and said, 

” I think of all of my teachers you played the most important part in how to live and be who you are regardless of what the norm is. Be friendly and respectful to others, treat them how you want to be treated and accept them with their differences.” 

Please, if a teacher made a difference in your life use the wonderful resource of the Internet, to let them know while you still can.   –Feeling happy and grateful.